These buildings are all customizable!  Your building will be built and delivered within 2 weeks of ordering!   Free Delivery and set up on your level land.  ***NOTE: Delivery out of our region may have a delivery fee, contact us with any questions about your area.

Some Items may be standard on your building.  Other available items include:
36" Solid Door - $200
9 Lite 36" Door - $250
Extra Wooden Door - $75
6' Roll-up Garage Door - $475
9' Roll-up Garage Door - $500
2'x3' Window - $75
3'x3' Window - $100
Ramps for 6' Door - $125
Ramps for 4' Door - $100
Carriage House Garage Door - $850 (on a track so you may add garage door opener)
Or add to Garage package for $350
Electrical Package - $750 ( Includes 100 amp panel box & 10 boxes)
Insulated 2'x3' Window - $150
Isulated 3'x3' Window - $175
Workbench - $8.00 per linear ft.
Shelving - $4.00 per linear ft.
Benches - $50 each
Dormer - $750 (7' dormer)

Metal or Shingle Roof - SAME PRICE
Treated or Painted walls - SAME PRICE

 ***We can fit up to a 16x40 on a trailer to transport***

Why We Carry Backyard Portable Buildings:

Skids: Our buildings are built on ground contact, forty (40) year rated, CCA treated, 4 x 6 skids. These skids are notched 1/2” everywhere a floor joist crosses it.
Floor Joists: Our buildings are built on pressure treated 2 x 4 floor joists on 8' bldgs; 2x6 on 10' and 12' bldgs. Spaced on 16” centers that are toe-nailed into 1/2” notches in each 4 x 6 skid. Garage buildings are built with 2 x 6 floor joists spaced on 12” centers.
Floor Decking: We use heavy-duty, sturdy tongue and groove flooring on our treated series.  We use ¾” tongue and groove engineered flooring (50 year warranty) on our painted series. We feel this is the best flooring for most applications.  Pressure treated flooring is available at the customer’s request at no additional charge.  This provides a very robust flooring system that provides ample support for just about anything a customer may wish to place in their building.
Walls: In our treated series, construction is 2x4 framework with studs on 2’ centers with other stud being doubled due to our siding manufacturer’s specifications. We use premium pressure-treated, kiln-dried T-111 siding on our treated series.   In our painted series, we have all 2x4 framework with studs on 16” centers due to siding manufacturer’s specifications.  We use LP Smart Panel for sheathing on our painted buildings which also has a fifty (50) year warranty.
Stain:  Our treated buildings are sprayed with a five year, honey gold stain and sealant.  This provides extra protection and gives your building a beautiful finish.  We do not spray on-site buildings. 
Painted:  We caulk the nails and trim on our painted buildings.  Upon review of our painted buildings, look closely as we are one of the few manufacturer’s that make certain this step is completed within our quality assurance check.  We spray two coats of a high quality Sherwin Williams paint.  This provides a water-tight sealant creating long lasting durability for your building for years to come.
Doors: All of our buildings come with shop-built 2 x 4 reinforced doors with three steel T-hinges per door. Eight foot (8') width buildings come with a single 4’ door (46” actual clearance); this is wide enough for most 42” cut lawn tractors. Ten and twelve foot width buildings come standard with a 6’ wide pair of doors (70” actual clearance). The exceptions to this rule are the Portable Cabins and Portable Garages. These buildings come standard with a residential, factory made house door.  Garages also come with a roll-up garage door.
Windows: We offer 2x3 and 3x3 aluminum windows which come standard or you can choose to add thermal pane windows.
Roofing: We use at least 30 yr. rated asphalt/fiberglass roofing shingles. We also offer 30yr 29 Gauge Metal roofing in a varity of colors ask you dealer for more info.
Roof Decking: We use 7/16” o.s.b. or plywood for roof decking.
Trusses: We make our own trusses of 2 x 4 construction with truss plates. (engineered stamped)
Vents: Our buildings are all gable vented to reduce heat and prolong the life of the roof shingles. This also lessens the chance of mold or mildew problems.  We also offer ridge vents for an additional fee.
Trim: All exterior trim is made from pressure treated 1 x 4’s on treated buildings and Smart Wood trim on painted bldgs.
Fasteners: All exterior fasteners are zinc coated ring shank nails which resist rusting and provide exceptional holding strength.
Drip Edge: All buildings come standard with aluminum drip edge to keep the shingles from sagging and to give the building a neat finished appearance.

Pick your Roof

Tin Options

Building Colors

Painted Series Color Options
  1. A Frame Tiny House, cabin porch ready built office
    Cabin 10x20 Kids Play House Option
    8x12 = $2,105 or $97.45 Rent to Own 8x16 = $2,510 or $116.20 Rent to Own 10x16 = $3,045 or $140.97 Rent to Own 10x20 = $3,640 or $168.52 Rent to Own 10x24 = $4,235 or $196.06 Rent to Own 12x20 = $4,395 or $203.47 Rent to Own 12x32 = $6,545 or $303.01 Rent to Own
  2. backyard fun, pergola, custom shelter, bbq patio, grill shelter
    Tea House - Gazebo
    10x12 = $2,460 or $113.89 Rent to Own 10x20 = $3,545 or $164.12 Rent to Own 12x20 = $4,345 or $201.16 Rent to Own *Benches $50.00 each
  3. ATV garage, boat garage, shed, tool shed, Utility vehicle garage, hunters garage
    12x20 $4,665 or $215.97 Rent to Own 12x24 $5,400 or $250.00 Rent to Own 12x32 $6,745 or $312.27 Rent to Own 12x36 $7,580 or $350.93 Rent to Own 16x36 $9,735 or $450.69 Rent to Own
  4. Custom Lofted Barn
    Custom Lofted Barn
    Built to your specification!
  5. Custom Hunting lodge, hunting cabin, tiny house ready built fishing cabin second home emergency shelter veteran housing
    Lofted Barn Cabin
    8x16 = $2,985 or $135.42 Rent to Own 10x24 = $4,660 or $215.74 Rent to Own 12x24 = $5,615 or $259.95 Rent to Own 12x32 = $7,105 or $328.94 Rent to Own *shown with additonal windows (3) standard
  6. Carriage House
    Carriage House
    8x12 = $2,530 or $117.13 Rent to Own 12x20 = $4,745 or $219.68 Rent to Own 14x28 = $7,610 or $352.31 Rent to Own 16x40 $11,330 or $524.54 Rent to Own Includes (2) 2x3 windows, shutters, 6' double doors w/ transom windows & (3) paint colors
  7. horse shed, horse barn, cattle barn, goat shed, farm shed, farm barn
    Horse Shed - Livestock Barn
    10x16 = $2,885 or $133.56 10x20 = $3,460 or $160.19 12x12 = $2,930 or $135.65
  8. Custom Side Lofted Barn Cabin w/ ramps
    Custom Side Lofted Barn Cabin w/ ramps
    12x32 = $8,065 or $373.38 Rent to Own price includes double doors & ramps
  9. storage barn, garden shed, utility shed, lawn mower barn, feed barn, chicken coop
    Side Lofted Barn
    8x12 = $2,205 or $102.08 Rent to Own 10x14 = $2,865 or $132.64 Rent to Own 10x20 = $3,695 or $171.06 Rent to Own 12x20 = $4,495 or $208.10 Rent to Own 12x32 = $6,625 or $306.71 Rent to Own
  10. Value Shed
    Value Shed
    8x12 = $1,295 or $59.95 Rent to Own 10x12 = $1,695 or $78.47 RTO 10x16 = $1,895 or $87.73 RTO 10x20 = $2,250 or $104.17 RTO 12x16 = $2,350 or $108.80 RTO 12x20 = $2,799 or $129.58 RTO 12x24 = $3,199 or $148.10 RTO
  11. show cattle barn horse shed with tack room
    2 Stall Horse Shed
    $5,875 or $272 Rent to Own 12x30 Many Options Available! 3 Stall no tack room (not pictured) 12x36 $6,950
  12. Tiny House in the country ready built cabin farm house tiny house play house kid off the grid office
    Lofted Barn Cabin
    8x16 = $2,985 or $135.42 Rent to Own 10x20 = $4,045 or $187.27 Rent to Own 12x24 = $5,615 or $259.95 Rent to Own
  13. Side Lofted Utility Shed
    Side Lofted Utility Shed
    10x16 = $3,115 or $144.21 Rent to Own
  14. storage barn, tool shed, feed shed, garden shed, wood shop, portable
    Lofted Barn - Single Door
    8x12 = $2,130 or $98.61 Rent to Own 8x16 = $2,535 or $117.36 Rent to Own 12x32 = $6,475 or $288.77 Rent to Own 16x40 = $10,930 or $506.02 Rent to Own
  15. Poultry House, duck barn, turkey house, chicken coop portable, move able
    Chicken Coop w/ Roof Over Run
    Custom Chicken Coops - 6x12 upto 16x40. Comes with Nesting boxes, outside lift lid access, roost, chicken door, 2 windows, main entrance and entrance into run. 6x12 = $2,250 or $104.16 Rent to Own 10x20 = $3,600 or $166.67 Rent to Own
  16. portable office, tiny house, tiny living, house shell, prefab home, hunting cabin, fishing cabin, reloading room, man cave, she shed, he shed, mother in-law house
    Wraparound Lofted Cabin
    12x28 = $7,140 or $330.56 Rent to Own 14x32 = $9,740 or $450.93 16x40 = $12,895 or $596.29 Includes (5) 2x3 windows, 6' high door w/ glass, & wraparound porch 14' & 16' wide include (6) windows and 7' side walls

Built by Amish & Mennonite Craftsmen!

Welcome to Mill Iron V​

“We love our building! The staff at Backyard was so great and very professional.  Our building was set exactly as we wished which was very important due to property lines.  The dealership staff went above and beyond with their assistance.  We couldn't have asked for more!”

Cliff and Patricia, Fordland, Missouri
“We searched many companies and dealerships before we settled on Backyard. We discovered that the quality of a Backyard building was superior to many others.  The entire purchase and delivery process was made simply by the staff!”

John, Independence, Missouri
“All I have to say about Backyard buildings is that I am well pleased and I couldn't be happier.  That company took the time to listen to me as a customer and I don't think it gets any better than that!”

Charles, El Dorado Springs, Missouri
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